Breaking News: Foreigners now able to buy property in Nepal. To know more, you should contact Theo by return to : This is a limited offer.


In a setting of great natural beauty called Godavari, we can build for you the house you have always dreamed of, to be designed according to your needs. We invite you to join us in saying "no" to concrete and choosing solid stone instead! More specifically, we propose that your Godavari stone-house be built in French Provencal style. This well-known and much admired type of architecture is completely new to Nepal, and therefore totally unique here. In addition, it will be ECO friendly and use modern methods of construction, quality insulation materials, solar heating and more. We have many land sites to propose according to your requirements. Qualifying Foreign investors who join our group will be eligible for non-tourist Visas. If your house has been custom built by us, we will be happy to rent it for you for those months when you are away from Nepal. We also plan to offer timeshare units to investors looking to have a right of occupancy of a property in our project for a set number of months every year spread over 10 years; investment amount here is kept very low because timeshare owners, by definition, are dispensed from having to purchase the underlying land. Lastly, over time, we will also be offering homestay, which is a form of tourism that allows the visitor to rent a room from a local family to better learn the local lifestyle.

Discover the French Provencal style of Architecture

For illustrative purposes, click on slide show to discover several examples of these very beautiful French Style Country Homes, all of them located in the southern region of France. Each photo is numbered. We suggest you note down the number of the house you like best, prior to Contacting us. It may be entirely possible for us to custom build a home for you like it, albeit in a modified version thereof - maybe larger, maybe smaller - but this time right here in Godavari, when you can go Green!


Q & A

Why Godavari, and where is it located?
How big and spacious will your project's ECO stone-houses be?
How much land with each house?
Is Godavari a good investment?
It is possible to purchase a plot of land first, and build later?
Can foreigners also purchase? And if I purchase through you, will I get a Visa here in Nepal?
Why build in stone and why French Provencal? And ECO too?
Should we be concerned about earthquakes?
What about security and guards?
What about privacy?
Can we get local help?
Will I have adequate parking?
Can you rent the property for us?
What about shopping?
What in case of emergencies?