About Us

Starting in 1998, we started our first project in Nepal renovating a number of traditional Newar style stone houses in ancient Chobhar Village, near Kirtipur, on the road to Dakshinkali. In those early days, we would often only find piles of stones and not much more! But with patience, dedication and lots of hard work and the help of the local people, we successfully used those stones and whatever we could salvage by way of old materials to transform virtual ruins into some of the most beautiful homes in Kathmandu Valley. Those houses we had the opportunity to save, now with their landscaped gardens we designed and luscious we planted, are saved for future generations.

To illustrate, we show "before" and "after"

A decade later, our love story with traditional stone houses continues, but this time we are introducing and proposing a Provencal style of French architecture. The home we propose to build for you will be unique - and first time in Nepal! The place we have selected for its peace and quiet, beautiful lush nature and greenery is Godavari... within easy and quick access to and from the Capital of Kathmandu.

Our Team of Architects, Designers, Interior Decorators will be building on their past experience and knowledge to offer you Quality Custom Made Country Homes, to be sited and built according to your individual requirements.

The result is a unique, truly custom home built to stand test of time. Just as two people are alike, we will never build the same "MAS de PROVENCE" twice in Godavari!

Knowing the Godavari area well, we are ready, to start, to help you find the right location for your future home and the acreage that you desire. After clients have purchased the land, Godavari Country Homes is a one-stop design and build firm. Our group of Associates is committed to implementing the latest advances in building sciences and technology into the structure which will become your Dream House.

Note: For reasons of convenience, Godavari Country Homes custom builds "Mas de Provence" in Godavari exclusively.